SEIMBANG is a series that features our sense of unity. It translates our irrefutable love to the nusantara values; to certain beliefs, customs and tradition. Combining culture practicality, SEIMBANG represents our current living blend with our wonderful past tradition to deepen oue sense of unity and belonging. Featuring art from talented local artist, Perempuanmelawanart and highlighting our batik richness as well as our embroidery details.

The art from Perempuanmelawanart is inspired by our past entertainment. Thus, wau bulan, dancing ladies and gong has become the main character while she blends it with our current lifestyle and mother earth.

We then interpret her art into fabric, in the form of batik. Using variety of cotton; from voile, viscose, lawn to silk blend, we color and image our own fabrics from scratch through the wonderful process of waxing, coloring and a few times boiling and sun drying. As the name SEIMBANG, this series comes in two main colors. Biru Langit Tengkujuh and Hijau Batu Lumut is an interpretation of the Hidup Seimbang which the flying living harmonies with crawl.